10 Ways To Make Money In College – By Expert

College is an exciting time full of new experiences, but it can also be a challenging period financially. Many college students struggle to make ends meet while they focus on their studies and extracurricular activities. If you’re looking for ways to supplement your student loan or help pay the bills, here are 10 ways to make money in college.

Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing, you can turn that skill into a viable source of income by becoming a freelance writer. Freelance writing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn some extra cash in college as there are plenty of websites out there offering freelance writing opportunities. You can find jobs ranging from blog posts to research papers that fit your schedule and pay rate.


Are you particularly knowledgeable about specific subjects? Then why not offer tutoring services? There are many students who need help with their studies and would be willing to pay for your expertise. You can advertise your tutoring services on bulletin boards around campus or online through sites like Craigslist or Tutor ME.

Online Surveys –

While not the most profitable venture, taking part in online surveys is an easy way to make some extra cash in college without having to put too much effort into it. There are plenty of survey sites out there such as Survey Junkie or Swagbucks that are willing to pay people for their opinions on various topics and products. All it takes is a few minutes each day and you could earn some extra money with minimal effort involved!

Become A Virtual Assistant –

Many businesses are now outsourcing tasks such as customer service, data entry, and web design to virtual assistants who work remotely from home (or from their dorm rooms!). This type of job offers flexibility, as well as an opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded students looking for ways to make money in college without having to sacrifice too much time away from studying or socializing activities.

Sell Your Old Stuff –

Do you have any unwanted clothes or electronics lying around that you no longer need? Why not turn them into cash by selling them online? Sites like eBay and Amazon offer great platforms where you can list items quickly and easily, allowing you to get rid of things while making a bit of extra money at the same time!

Food Delivery Services –

With food delivery services like Door Dash becoming increasingly popular these days, why not take advantage of this trend by signing up as a delivery driver? All it takes is an automobile and some free time during the day (or night) when orders come rolling in! This type of job allows you flexibility since you choose when (and how often) you want to work; plus it pays fairly well depending on the number of deliveries made per hour/day/week/etc..

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking– Do you love animals?

Then pet sitting may be just the thing for you! With pet sitting companies such as Rover & Wag offering lucrative opportunities, this could be just the side hustle that helps pay off those pesky student loans faster than ever before! Plus, what better way to spend spare time than hanging out with furry friends?

Become An Uber Driver

Driving people around town has become one of the most popular side gigs among college students these days thanks largely due its flexible hours combined with decent pay rates ($15-$20/hour). If driving people around isn’t quite your thing, then consider becoming an Uber Eats driver instead – delivering food straight from restaurants right onto people’s doorsteps! It requires minimal effort yet still provides a good income stream if done right! Plus, who doesn’t love getting paid while eating delicious meals?!

Take Part In Focus Groups

Participating in focus groups is another great way for college students looking for ways to make money in college fast without putting too much effort into it – all while gaining valuable experience related directly back towards their degrees or future career paths! Companies often look for participants who can provide honest feedback about their products so that they can better tailor them towards customers’ needs – something which pays fairly well depending on length & complexity involved within each focus group session itself!

Rent Out Your Dorm Room –

If all else fails & if schedules permit it – why not rent out your dorm room when heading home for holidays or vacations (if possible)? Sites like Airbnb offer great platforms where potential renters can book rooms conveniently & securely – allowing hosts such as yourself take part in this lucrative business model where profits range anywhere between $10-$100 per night depending on location & availability available throughout peak seasons etc.. Not bad at all right? 😉


Making money while studying at university doesn’t have to be difficult; there are lots of options available that fit around your lifestyle so that you don’t have to sacrifice too much time away from studying or socializing activities either! From freelancing writing & tutoring services through pet sitting & focus groups – there really is something out there suitable for everyone wanting an easy way how best they could start earning some extra cash whilst developing important skills along the way too 🙂 Good luck everyone!!

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