How to Get a Donated Car From Salvation Army

When a person contributes their car to the car donation program from the salvation army, they demonstrate their support for this charity. It is only a car to them, but it is worth a lot more to the person who gets it. Salvation Army car gift also helps others by making a difference in their lives. A person who donates a car receives a tax deduction, and the person who receives it can put the money on something other than a car. As a result, it saves money on both ends. It also satisfies the desire of the less fortunate for a car.

 Salvation Army Donated Car

The Salvation Army urges everyone to donate; they do not discriminate based on religion or nationality; they believe in humanity. The government supports the Salvation Army’s car donation program, prioritizing injured veterans, single mothers, and the poor. In the car donation program from the salvation army, a person who wants a car must briefly explain why they desire a free car.

What Is the Salvation Army Car Donation Program?

The Salvation Army is known around the world for its social outreach and humanitarian efforts and it is the oldest charitable organization. In a different part of the world, they are the largest and most influential social service providers. We have all seen the Salvation Army Thrift Store or the old one being picked up.

Also, we are all familiar with the red calves full of change and bell ringers throughout the Christmas season. As a result, the Salvation Army will come into their sight at least once. The Salvation Army accepts donated cars and all types of other stuff, from clothing to household products.

Since 1865, they have been assisting all those who had their lives shattered and assisting them in progressively re-establishing their lives. They understand their responsibility as one of the world’s oldest charity organizations. They provide shelter, disaster relief, day and summer programs for children, efforts to combat eliminate human trafficking, senior citizen services, rehabilitation centres, and much more.

When a person donates a car to the Salvation Army, who knows, that person might aid someone in their area or over the world. They may get good cars at a low price at the salvation army car auction.

Why the Salvation Army Car Donation?

salvation army car auction

A person’s desire to buy a new car or their current car may have reached its limit. After that, the cost of repair is no longer worthwhile. Or perhaps they do not require the use of a car? If they answered yes, then donating is the best option for that person. Car donation organizations get calls from donors all the time, but do they need help?

As a result, a person will require a reliable and trustworthy solution. A person’s car will be hauled, repaired, and then given to those in need by the Salvation Army. It is not required that they pay for it. There is also a tax benefit. Because of the changes in their lives, some people are upgrading their cars.

Perhaps a person who is relocating, and transportation is prohibitively expensive. As a result, they will consider selling it. However, did they know that if their car is 6 to 10 years old, it will only sell for 40% of the price they are expecting when they sell it. So, donating it will be a better option.

How Does the Salvation Army Cars Donation Work?

Donating a car is a simple procedure. A person can either go online to the Salvation Army’s website in their state and fill out the short form here or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (728-7825). After that, they will tell the Salvation Army. The organization will contact themto confirm the pickup date and stock amount for their salvation army car donation within three business days.

When the Salvation Army truck arrives to pick up the car, the organization will provide them tax-deductible receipts as well. Please do not be afraid to inquire about the complete procedure. Because the amount of tax-deductible a person can obtain is based on how much money the Salvation Army receives after selling the car, more information will be supplied when the car is sold.

The Salvation Army will sell the cars that are still running in a monthly online auction. Another crucial element is that the auction’s standard cost is more significant than a regular auction, so it is another victory for the donor.

How to Get a Donated Car From Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a solidarity program that has left an impression worldwide with its philanthropy. The “Salvation Army’s” effort reaches the vast platform. They have access to practically every needed location on the planet. They are populated due to their dignity and sensitivity. The Salvation Army is also eligible to participate in free car programs for veterans.

A person must participate in an online auction to obtain a car from the Salvation Army. We have put together a step-by-step guide to assist anyone who requires a free car from a donation. Please read it to learn all of the solutions to the question.

Salvation Army Car Donation

  1. Visit the Salvation Army’s official website at
  2. Now input your zip code, and a list of all Salvation Army locations near you, alongwith their phone numbers, will appear on your screen.
  3. Contact your local library to learn more about the upcoming car auction. Each location has its auction. Therefore two auctions will never take place at the same time.Note: Each month, the majority of the auctions are held in the presence of a professional auction firm or Salvation Army volunteers.
  4. If necessary, register for the auction. The car must be registered in some auctions, whereas it is not required in others. During registration, a modest cost is charged.
  5. Arrive at the location before the start of the auction and search for all available cars. You may view inside by opening the hood, starting the engine, and looking through the windows.
  6. Attend the auction; if you are trying for first place, keep in mind that the auction moves quickly. Find the car, your budget, and your limit.
  7. Make proper arrangements if you want to relocate them somewhere else.

Note that many auctions are solely for parties, while others are for the Salvation Army. Consider the time limit if you decide to acquire a car. Make sure you get your car out within the allotted time. Also, car insurance must be purchased at a low cost.

Car From Salvation Army: Rules and Requirements​

To be eligible for free salvation army cars for sale, you must complete the following requirements. Please take a look at it.

  1. You must have a job with proof of employment or a pay stub.
  2. You must have a valid driver’s license in the state where you live.
  3. It would help if you were insured (no DWI-driving while intoxicated or DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol)
  4. You must not have another car in the house
  5. You must not be drug-addicted, and you must be able to cover fees and other expenses such as taxes, titles, tags, maintenance cost, insurance, and fuel.

The Salvation Army’s Car Donation Program

Because most nonprofits lack the workforce or financial means to manage car donations themselves, they enlist the help of a third-party intermediary organization. The intermediary can be a trustworthy and decent commercial or nonprofit organization that passes on the majority of the net earnings to the charity. However, others are either inefficient or plain slimy, pocketing 90% of the net proceeds and leaving the charity with pennies on the dollar. The following is how it all works:

  1. High-quality intermediaries give the charity 75 percent or more of the net proceeds.
  2. Intermediaries who are moderately good pass on 60 to 74 percent of the net proceeds.
  3. Unsatisfactory intermediates distribute 50 to 59 percent of net proceeds.
  4. Why The charity receives less than half of the net proceeds from completely unsatisfactory intermediaries.

What is more, guess what? The Salvation Army does not employ an intermediary. They take care of everything themselves. They appear to do the same thing with your car that they do with your discarded household things in their famous trucks.

The Salvation Army picks up your car, takes it to auction, sells it, pays the auction house a portion of the sales, and keeps 100% of the net proceeds. That is an efficient method of processing car donations for a very efficient charity!

Website Salvation Army Car Donation

You may find several salvation army vehicle donation websites online, which will tell you who accepts car donations and where you can find a salvation car auction near you. They have also included all the terms, conditions, and information on purchasing a car from the Salvation Army. Yes, we understand how tough it is for you to locate them. So, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular Salvation car auction websites, which you can access immediately.

  1. Salvation Army North           
  2. Salvation army the eastern USA       
  3. Habitat for Humanity
  4. Donate A Car Canada
  5. Donate cars

When you want to give a car or get a car when you need one, the salvation army donate car Center is the ideal place to go. In comparison to other charitable organizations, the Salvation Army offers the highest tax deduction on donations. You can contribute a car and a variety of items that are no longer in use by you or your family and will not be utilized in the future through the salvation army donation program.          

Salvation Army Car Donation- Salvation Army Cars for Sale

Due to a lack of funds, low-income families and individuals are unable to live their best lives. They compromise on various issues, including their standard of living, interests, and activities, among others. The car is one such example. See, a car is one of the things that we require in our daily lives.

Many people who live in rural places, others who live with retried persons who have health concerns, single parents, older citizens, and others require a car for their daily tasks. Many people I have seen working two shifts to make ends meet. Furthermore, a lot of the time, these people are looking for free cars.

Salvation army cars are an alternative for anyone looking for a free car for low-income families or individuals. Previously, the salvation army was known as the East London Christian Mission. It was created in 1865 in London’s east end by Methodist Reform Church clergyman William Booth and his wife, Catherine Booth.

The East London Christian Mission is renamed The Salvation Army after an event (TSA). It is a Protestant Christian church that also serves as a charitable organization on a global scale. Officers, troops, and followers make up the group’s 1.7 million members. Salvationists refer to the group as a whole.

The Salvation Army is doing everything it can to aid human welfare. They deliver salvation to the poor, weak, and needy by meeting both bodily and spiritual needs. They are currently present in 131 countries, providing refuge, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and charity shops. The salvation army auto auction is one of their programs. You must apply for the free car, complete the needed documentation, and they will undoubtedly assist you.

You must first meet the eligibility requirements. If you are wondering how to receive a donated car from the Salvation Army, you will find the answer on this page, but before, look at the requirements.

Where Does the Money Go?

Some of you must be considering how the Salvation Army will put the money raised from the car gift to good use. Do not worry, and it will be put to good use. The ARC primarily assists these individuals by providing a healthy atmosphere as well as counselling and therapy.

To sum up, we strongly encourage everyone who owns an unwanted car or other cars to donate it! It is completely free to donate, and they will even pick out the car for you! Not only that, but the Salvation Army donates a fully tax-deductible car!

As a result, we have included all of the details on obtaining a salvation army-donated car. If you still have questions about how to receive a car from the Salvation Army, please leave a comment below, and our team will do their best to assist you.

Salvation Army Car Donation Review

The Salvation Army is well-known for its humanitarian and social activities worldwide, and it is one of the world’s largest social service providers. Most of us have gone to a Salvation Army Thrift Store to find something we needed or requested a pickup for that old furniture we finally replaced.

We have all seen the bell ringers with their red kettles full of change during the Christmas season. From clothing and dishes to free furniture and beds, the Salvation Army welcomes contributions to almost every household item you can think of. Of course, they accept car donations as well.

Frequently Asked Question

donate car salvation army

1. How to donate a car at the Salvation Army car auction?

Either visit the nearby charity store of the salvation army or call them and tell them you want to donate a car, and they will give you further information for the process.

2. Can I get a tax benefit on a Donate car to Salvation Army?

Yes, you will get a maximum tax benefit on the donation of a car, SUV, boat, truck, or another car.

3. Does Salvation army car donation Provide Pick up service?

Yes! The salvation army provides a free pickup service. For that, you have to make a call and schedule a free pickup.

4. How do The salvation army cars for sale all donated cars?

Once the donor transfers the car’s title to the Salvation Army, they either give it to the needy people or host a salvation army car auction on the decided day of each month.

5. How is the salvation army determined car value?

The value of any car is decided by the estimated amount they can get in the auction. The bidder chooses the initial bid. There is no fixed minimum selling price or estimated selling price.

6. What is the salvation army car donation number?

You can call the Salvation Army at 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to arrange a car donation.

7. How to Get a tax benefit from the income tax department?

You have to provide your donation sleep or the details the charitable trust gives to benefit from next year’s income tax.

8.Who can Go For Salvation army Car Auction?

Everyone who needs a car can go to the salvation army car auction and get a car from salvation army cars for sale.


It is all about how to get a donated car from salvation army. This is the most acceptable car donation for both taking and donating a car. Hopefully, you got all of your salvation armies to donate car answers. If not, use the comment area below to learn more about donating a car to the Salvation Army.

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