Top 20 Nursing Scholarships for Single Moms

About 2.5 million nurses work in the clinic health sector, making up the most significant employment force. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is still a requirement for nurses in the clinical health sector (BLS). More nurses are needed in the United States as the population is growing. As more nurses move into primary care settings, the clinical healthcare business is experiencing a lack of remarkably competent nurses.

According to analysts, the scarcity of nurses is a serious concern because the population is expanding and ageing. Even during a crisis, the nursing business anticipates the opposite. In the next five to six years, the employment of registered nurses is expected to expand by 27%. Nursing scholarships are available from the government and non-governmental organizations to address the need for nurses, including nursing scholarships for single moms.

Nursing Scholarships for Single Moms

Today, the government and other non-governmental organizations sponsor make available a variety of scholarships. Graduate scholarships, post-doctoral scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, master’s degrees, and doctorates are available at various educational levels. This type of scholarship aids low-income individuals, such as single moms, complete their studies and obtaining the appropriate nursing degree. Scholarship sponsors give partial or complete scholarships to single mothers, regardless of their educational goals. 

There are several nursing scholarships available for single mothers, and there are numerous reasons to study nursing as a single mother, mainly if you believe it is your strong suit. As a single mother, being a nurse may be a sensible decision, especially if you are interested in nursing. This is due to several factors, including the following:

  1. Nursing always has employment available, and not just any jobs, but well-paid nursing positions, especially in the United States and other areas of the globe.
  2. Single mothers have a great desire to care for their children. It may come effortlessly to them, but it just occurs, and they are likely to make excellent nurses as a result.
  3. There are particular scholarships available for single mothers who want to study nursing, making things easier.

According to statistics, kids are six times less likely to complete a college education than those without kids. Of course, we all know how difficult child care can be, especially for single moms. When two people are in charge, circumstances become less traumatic than when one person is in charge. With this in view, several colleges have created enough provisions for single mothers to be placed on scholarships while in college, reducing the stress of family and studies on them, which is why there are so many nursing scholarships for single mothers.

Raising a child without a partner can be challenging. It increases the risk of not finishing college. It is never a simple task juggling tuition fees, child care, books, and a lack of money,time to concentrate exclusively on their studies and education activities. Single moms are disappointed with the framework in some situations, and it almost seems like never-ending challenging circumstances for them to obtain a college diploma.

Then, to say that nursing demands all of a student’s available time to achieve effectively is an understatement, which is why schools and institutions have considered these students responsible for a child while also striving to acquire a degree.

How to Find Nursing Scholarships for Single Mothers?

Finding the perfect scholarship for a single mother can be difficult, especially when there is no site or gateway to search for them. The majority of grants do not have a special provision for single mothers. It is awarded to the candidates who are the best qualified. It is not easy to find websites that provide excellent service to single mothers on their own. Those websites that provide such services will want you to complete a registration form to certify that you are qualified for the nursing scholarships for single moms you desire to apply.

college grants for single mothers

Following confirmation, they will award you a full or partial scholarship, depending on the information you provided on the application. The term “full scholarship” for single mothers in nursing education refers to the nursing school provider covering all costs. During the whole academic session, the applicant will not be responsible for any course-related fees.

On the other hand, partial scholarships would only cover the tuition fees paid at the start of each term. All other expenditures are the responsibility of the applicant. The scholarships would not cover any further costs. Nursing is in high demand. Thus organizations raise rates, but not everyone can afford to pay such hefty prices. Single mothers can complete their educations because of government programs and NGOs that provide funds to single mothers. There are also online learning courses accessible, which will save both time and expense.

Best Nursing Scholarships for Single Moms

nursing grants and scholarships for single moms

Returning to a nursing program can be difficult, especially after a break. Working, feeding kids, and providing financial assistance are additional responsibilities that must be balanced with studying. A college degree is difficult to obtain for a single parent. Parenting without a partner is expensive, but a degree can help a single mother get a good job and pay off her debt. These hurdles challenge single parents in nursing; numerous finance solutions are available to assist the chosen applicant. The following is a list of such sources that grant nursing school scholarships. Take a peek around.

1. Helen E walker Endowed Scholarships

They have a well-known scholarship program for single mothers at St. Luke’s College. Nursing students who are single moms and in financial distress are eligible for this scholarship. A 2.5 GPA is needed to be qualified for these scholarships, and the individual’s family must be in desperate need of finances.

2. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University provides a scholarship to black single mothers worldwide, which includes nursing education. Texas Tech recognizes and encourages women to pursue careers in nursing by offering nursing scholarships to single mothers worldwide. The scholarships are awarded based on merit. If you meet the requirements and are placed on the university’s merit list, you will be awarded the generous grant amount determined by the university administration. Visit their official website for additional information on the timelines and qualifying for the scholarship.3.

3. Army ROTC Nurse Officer Program

Army ROTC Nurse Officer awards scholarships to nursing students in their first year of college. It provides not only scholarships but also leadership and job chances. It covers either the individual’s tuition or the individual’s housing and board for the entire year. It also includes a $420 monthly stipend and $1,200 for books for the entire year. Nursing Scholarships for Single Moms emphasize educational performance, athletic prowess, and shown leadership abilities.

4. ‘Back to School’ Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship also provides students with the opportunity to serve the country after they complete their degrees. They can enlist in the Army or serve the country in some other capacity while remaining in its four military units.

5. Brain Track: Nursing Scholarships for Single Mothers

The Nursing BrainTrack Scholarship is available to students who have completed at least one semester of nursing coursework. All applicants must respond to the question in an article, and the final list is determined based on the evolution. One student receives $1000 for the judge’s most acceptable entry, and another receives $500 twice a year from BrainTrack. Winners are chosen for their intellect, creativity, attention, correctness, and usefulness.

With this purpose in mind, Nursing Home Cruelty has created nursing scholarships to support people who want to continue in this sector but cannot do so due to financial constraints. Nursing Home Abuse gives a $5000 grant to aspiring candidates who wish to pursue their nursing degree at nursing home abuse in the United States. Nursing Home Abuse, in partnership with Education Aid, awards nursing scholarships to single moms every year. The candidate must be a U.S. citizen to be considered for the award. She must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution that is recognized.

6. Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc

They can enlist in the Army or serve the country in some other capacity while remaining in its four military units.

7. National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

The NBNA awards a student nurse of the year prize to an NBNA member to identify the best applicant for a higher or advanced nursing degree. Through its nursing scholarship for single mothers initiatives, NBNA strives to inspire students in the nursing sector to achieve success. However,some qualifying requirements must be met in order to benefit from the scholarship program.The applicant must write a two-page paper about transforming nursing and why they need financial assistance from the scholarship program. They must also obtain two recommendation letters.

8. Danville Community College for Nursing scholarship

In the next five years, Danville Regional Medical School will offer a total of 60 scholarships valued at about $500,000. Yes, you must apply, and if you are eligible, you will be one of the learners to get this prestigious scholarship. It pays for fees and other expenses related to obtaining a nursing degree.

9. Toby hopper Endowed scholarship

Toby hopper The Endowed Scholarship is solely available to single mothers. They help students with both graduate and undergraduate studies. It also aids in the education of kids.

10. Bethel Foundation Grace Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is for single mothers who are the sole custodians of a child under 18 and are low-income earners. You must have gotten a Pell Grant and be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Nursing or any other course you desire before applying for this scholarship. The scholarship is worth up to $1,500 each semester.

11. The Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association General Scholarship Program

The Foundation recognizes the complexities of pursuing a college nursing degree, particularly for single mothers, and has developed provisions for qualified students to receive this accessible financial assistance to fund their college nursing degree. If you are a Nursing student pursuing an associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, certificate, direct-entry master’s degree, or are enrolled in an RN-to-BSN/MSN, LPN/LVN-to-RN bridge, or an extended program, you are eligible for this scholarship. So, if you fall into any of the criteria, take advantage of this opportunity to make things simpler for yourself and apply right away. The sum of the award is up to $7,500 every academic year.

12. The Mary Blake Single Parent Nursing Scholarship

Mary Blake R.N., a single mother who relocated from South West Florida to Atlanta in quest of good prospects, receives this scholarship.It recognizes and acknowledges the devotion and skills of single mothers who, despite the challenges, meet the challenges of nursing and parenting. The mary blake single parent nursing scholarship is awarded based on the quality of the article. The winning article must convince the judges that the author is deserving of the prize. In addition to the exceptional essay, the candidate must be a U.S. citizen, a single parent, already registered in or accepted for enrollment in a recognized nursing school, and submit transcripts showing a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above.

13. Patsy Takemoto Minks Education Foundation

This patsy takemoto minks education scholarship is available to single mothers who are currently enrolled in an accredited nursing college at the time of enrollment. The good news is that it is available to single mothers in nursing schools and single mothers who are low-income earners registered in vocational colleges. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.

14. Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Foundation

This is one of the organizations in the United States dedicated to assisting suffering single mothers who are also pursuing a nursing degree. You must be an ENA member, have letters of recommendation from individuals involved who can impact your scholarship application, and have a 3.0 CGPA to be eligible for this scholarship.The ENA Foundation provides a variety of scholarship opportunities to diverse learners.The value of a scholarship fluctuates and is not predetermined.

15. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

This women’s independence scholarship program is available to low-income single mothers who have experienced partner abuse in the previous seven years and have sought help from non-profit organizations. Any candidate for this scholarship program should be enrolled in an eligible nursing school or other authorized educational institution at the time of application. The amount of the grant varies from $500 to $2,000 per semester or quarter.

16. Top Products Single Mothers Scholarship

Single mothers with at least a dependent single child registered in or accepted for enrolment in a recognized educational institution are eligible for this award. Top products of single mothers’ scholarship is to help motivated women who want to change the status quo cope with the burden of child care and schooling. Candidates have to fill an award-winning paper on a topic provided by the scholarship board to be considered. The scholarship has a $1,000 value.

17. Capture the Dream Single Parent scholarship

This scholarship is based on where you live. Only low-income mothers registered in an academic program and living in the San Francisco Bay Area are eligible. Successful applicants will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

18. Soroptimist Love your Dream award

Soroptimist love your dream award scholarship recognizes how difficult it is for single mothers to obtain a college nursing degree or any other degree in another discipline, which is why it was established. Candidates must reside in a Soroptimist member country or territory to be eligible for this scholarship.The scholarship committee anticipates that neither you nor your dependents will face financial difficulty if you receive the scholarship. The scholarship ranges in value from $1,000 to $16,000.

19. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Single mothers who are at least 35 years old are eligible to qualify. You must be actively participating in a non-profit approved educational program or a trade skills certification program. The jeannette rankin women’s scholarship fund is continuous for five years and has no set sum; instead, the amount changes.

20. Child Care Grants

Various states and nations have different child care grants. The federal and state governments usually help low-income single moms fulfill the financial demands of attending school and caring for children. The prerequisites and qualifying criteria ensure you do not miss anything important since every detail is crucial to your success.


All of these nursing scholarships for single moms. It is worth noting that everyone has distinct requirements and qualifications. It is recommended that you thoroughly review all of these nursing scholarships for single mothers and register for the one that best meets your needs. There are 2.6 million nurse positions available, with 60% of them in hospitals.

This occupation is in high demand, and it is the best choice for a secure future. Working hours and perks are ideal for nurses. If you are enthusiastic about something, you should consider this choice. If you have a genuine interest in this profession, you should pursue the requisite education and pursue a career in it.These nursing scholarships are always available to assist you when you need them.

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