Profiting From Services and Solutions: What Product-Centric Firms Need to Know

Valarie A. Zeithaml, University of North Carolina
Stephen W. Brown, Arizona State University and the Insight Group
Mary Jo Bitner, Arizona State University
Jim Salas, Pepperdine University

Leaders of product-oriented companies – manufacturers, industrial suppliers, technology firms and other vendors of business goods – are coming to understand and realize the benefits of offering services and solutions to their customers. They see services and solutions as a means to financial growth, reduced revenue variability, greater differentiation from the competition, increased share of customer budget, improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and even lock-in. Yet, few executives grasp the extent to which they must change their organizations in order to dramatically grow services and solutions.

How can companies successfully transform their product-centric business models into model services and solutions businesses? How can they steadily shift their revenues from goods sold to services rendered? How can they drive this transition and overcome the challenges they will face? This book addresses those questions and more.

The authors use their novel services infusion continuum to distinguish types of services and solutions and to explain how companies can infuse ever more complex and valuable benefits into their offerings for customers. The book synthesizes the findings of academic research and business publications, draws upon the authors’ years of consulting work and features the practical experience of managers in the midst of transforming   product-centric companies into services and solutions businesses.


Foundational research for the book was sponsored by the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University and several of its FORTUNE 100 member companies.

This book was published by Business Expert Press, New York, 2014 as in the Service Systems and Innovations in Business and Society Collection, Jim Spohrer and Haluk Demirkan, Editors.