The Sales Recovery Audit: Learning to Walk the Talk

Gabriel R. Gonzalez, Thunderbrid School of Global Management
K. Douglas Hoffman, Colorado State University
Thomas N. Ingram, Colorado State University

Little research attention has been devoted to the impact of salesperson failure and recovery management on customer relationship development.  This paper develops a theoretically anchored and externally validated sales recovery audit for the purpose of assessing sales organization performance in these matters.  Results based on a survey of 177 sales managers indicate that practice of sales recovery efforts lag behind their perceived importance as they relate to organizational success.  The sales recovery audit presented here can be a useful tool to continuously evaluate and enhance sales recovery efforts for the purpose of building a stronger relationship selling organization.


Gabriel R. Gonzalez, K. Douglas Hoffman, Thomas N. Ingram (in press) “The sales recovery audit: Learning to walk the talk,” Industrial Marketing Management