Transforming From the Goods to the Service-Dominant Logic (New)

Per Skålén, Karlstad University, Sweden
Bo Edvardsson, Karlstad University, Sweden

This article outlines a framework of the transformation from the goods-dominant (G-D) to the service-dominant (S-D) logic in firms based on a case study of a bank. Drawing from institutional logic and practice theory, the article also contributes by discussing how the transformation from the G-D to the S-D logic takes place by means of the enactment of value creation practices and how such transformations are driven by institutional entrepreneurs and by conflicts between institutional logics. In addition, the article argues that the studied transformation is interwoven with changes in the professional identities of employees. Managerial implications include how managers may draw on the presented framework to transform their firm and its employees.


Skålén, P., and B. Edvardsson, (2016), Transforming from Goods to Service Dominant Logic, Marketing Theory, Available Online.