University of Washington – Seattle Campus Data & Information Overview

The University of Washington-Seattle Campus is an incredible school that offers a unique combination of academic excellence, innovative research and a vibrant campus life. From its world-class faculty and rankings to its diversity, cost and student debt averages, there are many reasons why UW-Seattle makes for an outstanding choice for higher education. Let’s take a look at the data and information you should know about this amazing university.


The University of Washington is consistently ranked among the top universities in the US. According to US News & World Report, UW-Seattle ranks #17 among National Universities and #2 in “Best Colleges for Veterans” as well as #8 in “Top Public Schools”. The university also maintains a high rank among engineering schools worldwide, with particular emphasis on computer science (#3), aerospace engineering (#4), chemical engineering (#5) and mechanical engineering (#7).

Admission & Acceptance

UW-Seattle’s comprehensive admission process includes consideration of factors such as grades, test scores, essays, letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities. In addition to being highly selective, UW boasts one of the highest freshman retention rates in the nation (93%). As far as acceptance rate goes, UW stands at 44%.

Retention & Graduation Rates

According to data gathered by College Factual from 2018-2019 academic year, 83% of full-time students return to UW after their freshman year and 78% graduate within six years. This speaks volumes about the quality of education offered by this prestigious university.


The University of Washington takes great pride in its diverse community—from faculty members to students—that is reflective of all backgrounds and cultures. Of current undergraduates 36% are Asian/Pacific Islander; 33% are Caucasian; 11% are Hispanic/Latino; 4% are African American; 0.6 % are Native American; 6 % International; 10 % Unknown/Declined to state race/ethnicity. Furthermore, approximately 15% of all undergraduate students identify as first generation college attendees from families where neither parent has earned a four year degree or higher.

Cost & Student Debt

According to data from College Factual from 2018-2019 academic year , tuition & fees for attending UW is $11351 for residents & $35897 for nonresidents . Average student debt per borrower after graduation was estimated at $24109 with 63% borrowing money for college expenses

Average Earnings

Graduates from University Of Washington – Seattle Campus earn an average salary of $64400 upon graduation with most graduates earning between $45000 -$80000 within 5 years post graduation .


Located just outside downtown Seattle , University Of Washington – Seattle Campus is situated on 4300 acres overlooking Lake Union , Portage Bay , Union Bay Natural Area , Cascade Mountains .


With over 140 majors , one can choose from a plethora of majors offered by UW ranging from Aerospace Engineering To Zoology .

Online Learning

Students have access to online learning resources through MyUW which gives them access to course materials , lectures , recordings etc .

Related Schools

Several schools offer similar programs like University Of Oregon , Oregon State University etc .


The University Of Washington – Seattle Campus is an outstanding option when it comes to considering universities offering world class education combined with great location making it ideal choice for students looking towards higher studies in USA . With great rankings , diverse community , affordability options along with other benefits make it worthy consideration when making your decision on choosing a college or university . Additionally with plethora majors offered by UW along with range online learning resources available make it complete package when considering higher studies in USA . With all these features combined together you can be rest assured that if you choose this school you will have best possible experience during your pursuit for higher studies here at USA !

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